Something You Should Know Ep 145 Unofficial Show Notes

Something You Should Know Ep 145: How Your Friends Influence What You Think, Feel and Weigh & Why It’s So Hard to Ask for Help (But Ask Anyway): Unofficial show notes.

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Featured topics in this episode:

  • Are You Making It Easy For Thieves To Steal Your Identity?
  • How The People You Surround Yourself With Influence You
  • What Not To Touch If You Want To Avoid Being Sick This Winter
  • Why You Should Ask For Help Because Most People Want To Help You

02min 10 sec: Don’t Make It Easy For Thieves To Steal Your Identity

Our host, Mike Carruthers, explains how thieves can access your debit/credit card details by going through your rubbish. Other important documents can leave you exposed to identity theft and should be shredded before being thrown into the rubbish such as medical prescription receipts, CVs and even pet records. Your pet record could be a giveaway to your online passwords making it easy for online hackers to log in to your social media accounts or even worse, your online banking details.

05min 40sec: People Around You influence Almost Every Choice You Make

Mike speaks to social scientist and physician, Dr Nicholas Christakis. Dr Christakis was named amongst the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine in 2009. The Dr talks about real life social networks based on close relations and how the death of a loved one can increase the chances of their partner passing away.

Based on his experience and research, Dr Nicholas asserts that people are not as autonomous as they think. Furthermore, the choices you make can influence hundreds of other people while the choices made by your friends and family can also influence you. Knowing who the major influencers are within a social network could lead to more efficient treatment of viruses and even better crime prevention.

The Frightening Power Of Interconnectivity

Interconnectivity plays a role in how your friends influence you and vice versa. One frightening statistic mentioned is that a girl whose friends don’t know each other or don’t get along is more likely to kill herself than a girl whose friends know and get along with each other.

Good Always Wins In The End

While bad and good things spread through networks, good things spread more consistently. Valuable things like kindness, finding the perfect partner and finding a job spread through these networks along with the bad things.

25min 12secs: Why Do We Say No When Offered Help?

Mike talks to Nora Klaver, author of Mayday!: Asking for Help in Times of Need who explains why we should ask for help. Nora used to live a very exhausting life and like many of us, would still refuse help when offered. Nora feels this habit is embedded into various cultures, particularly the US culture where people feel a strong sense of independence.

What Prevents Us From Asking For Help?

Some fear there may be a price to pay for accepting help, others fear embarrassment and shame for not being good enough. The real problem is we have never been taught to ask for the help we need.

What Is The Right Way To Ask For Help?

Nora suggests we pay attention to the voices in our head and recognise them as fears. Replace negative thoughts with the thought that you want to ask for help because you are still learning, something is beyond your means and you deserve help.

How To Start Asking For Help

Start by asking for help 3 times a day or 3 times a week. Start with something small like asking someone to open a jar for you.

When To Say No When Asked To Help.

Nora explains the difference between seeking help and coercion. It’s perfectly fine to say no to emotional blackmail or when asking becomes a pattern. Look for a long-term solution when you feel you are giving too much and it is having no positive effect.

40min 11 sec: Ways To Avoid Getting Ill This Winter

It’s been a particularly bad winter for viruses even leading to deaths. Mike looks at ways to avoid getting sick by not touching things that carry germs such as the office fridge door and your own desk and keyboard. It is recommended that you carry antibacterial hand gel and wipes and keep your workspace clean in order to stay immune from nasty bugs doing the rounds.


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