What is social selling and how can it help your business?

Social selling is a popular method currently used in business to business (B2B) marketing. In simple terms, social selling is the opposite of traditional cold calling and hard sales. While this method is prevalant in B2B marketing, you can use it in other forms of business.

Social Selling: Doing Business With Empathy

Social sales are best suited to the medium of social media but can happen face to face. Let’s say you have a product, it’s a brilliant product and it’s going to improve lives. Instead of ringing a stranger and bombarding them with an agressive, forceful sales pitch, connect with them online via their prefered platform (no stalking!), read their Facebook statuses, tweets and online comments. Learn what difficulties this person is having, if they are aware of your product and how it can solve their problem.


Now that you’ve found this potential customer, don’t just dive in with a message. Interact with them by leaving useful comments on their posts. By doing this, you begin to build a relationship of trust. The next step is to craft content aimed at this customer’s needs. Either do this yourself or hire someone. Try writing a blog article or making a video that demonstrates how your product can solve this customers problem. Send online surveys or use online polls to find the customer’s specific needs.

Social Selling: What To Avoid

You musi refrain from spamming people, pay careful attention to online routines ie when they go online, what content they consume and what they avoid.

The most important aspect of social selling is that you are catering to the needs of your customer, not your own needs. If people feel that you are marketing your own products without any concern for the people you are marketing to, expect them to lose interest.

The Best Social Selling Examples

For good examples of successful social selling brands, take a look at HubSpot, Moz and Buffer. Each of these brands are careful to ensure they tailor content to customer needs. The content produced by these brands is professional, informative and helpful.


Study the articles and videos of these reputable companies to learn proven marketing strategies that convert and delight.

Whether you are selling software, tangible items or services, the same rule applies. If you can position yourself as a trusted brand through quality content, over time, you will build up a loyal base of customers. Prepare for the long haul to see this through if you want to achieve success. This is a saturated market so be ready to put in lots of effort to get results.

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