The Digital Marketing Digest 05 07 2018

I’m a student of Digital Marketing and I scour the internet daily for the best content. I have rounded up some of the best articles published today in the world of digital, content and social media marketing.

How to Write Your First Blog Post – Kim Garst

Kim Garst’s guide to writing a first blog makes me wish I’d read it before I started my blog! Read this post and you will learn how to format, write and layout your first blog post. Read to the end for tips on how to make that first blog post engaging!

23 Facebook Tools to Use in Your Marketing Strategy

Hootsuite is an industry leader in social media marketing. Top brands use Hootsuite to schedule posts across a multitude of platforms and monitor social chatter in real time. The Hootsuite blog gets updated every day with new content such as SMM guides and lists of the best SMM apps like this list of 23 tools to help you get ahead on Facebook.

6 SEO Copywriting Mistakes That Are Destroying Your Credibility

Take 6-8 minutes to read this article then read it again. Copywriting is a vital component of successful digital marketing and getting your copy right is vital. Learn how to research for your writing, proofread your writing and check your grammar.

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