Unpacking The Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Trailer

The first trailer for Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 has landed and I am very excited after watching it! Let’s unpack this trailer and cover the key points to watch out for when season 2 arrives early next year….

Star Trek Discovery S2 Trailer Captain Pike

Captain Pike

Discovery went full circle by introducing the original Captain of the USS Enterprise. Prior to Discovery, Pike featured in the very first episode of TOS before being replaced by Captain Kirk played by Bill Shatner (Khaaaaaaaaannnnnn!!!). His uniform has the 60s Star Trek look about it, similar to the uniforms worn by the cast in the JJ Abrams Trek reboots.

Pike assumes the captaincy of the Discovery, does this mean Michael Burnham will have less of a lead role? I doubt it. Burnham is the star of the show. I suspect that Burnham will end up being Captain of Discovery either this season or in future ones. The pairing up with Pike will most likely be short-lived but it does tie TOS and Discovery together neatly by placing them in almost the same timeline while allowing the cast of Discovery to move on with their own story.

Star Trek Discovery S2 Trailer search for spock

The Search For Spock

You can’t blame the writers for retreating this storyline. I’m open to seeing how Discovery put’s its spin on the search for arguably the most iconic character in the entire Trek franchise. Will we get to see Spock by the end of the season? (That’s an affirmative according to Den Of Geek UK) Could this lead to a Zachary Quinto appearance in the series? I’m intrigued to see this play out week by week. Will it upset some diehard Trekkies? Probably but the writers have to be allowed to create their own narrative even if that means making mistakes.

With a franchise as vast as Star Trek, continuity errors are going to happen if you can even call them errors. My benchmark for how good something is, is how much I enjoy it so I will throw away preconceptions and give it a chance. I was pleasantly surprised with just how much I enjoyed season One.

Star Trek Discovery S2 Trailer saru

The trailer has a nice blend of action and humour which gives a sense of what to expect in the new season. As with the first season, don’t expect the traditional Trek formula of shows almost entirely in one location with sporadic action. The action will be thick and fast and those CG scenes look very expensive!

Short Treks

Den Of Geek Uk reports that four ‘Short Treks’ will compliment season 2 of Discovery. We will get back stories to Saru, Tilly, someone called ‘Craft’ and Harry Mudd. I’m not too thrilled about Harry Mudd as I felt his character added nothing to Discovery but I am interested in the others.

Watch the trailer and see what you think, excited? I am!






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