Why you need show notes to get your podcast noticed.

Podcasting has blown up in recent years. It seems like everyone has one. If you want to get eyes on your podcast, you need show notes and here’s why….

Go onto iTunes, Stitcher or any other prominent podcast platform and you can easily get lost in the rabbit hole of thousands upon thousands of podcasts. With so many podcasts in so many different niches, its very easy for your podcast to get lost in the noise.

You may have a great informative show that you know people will benefit from. Nevertheless, you are going to be fighting for space and for people’s time unless they have a good reason to listen to your podcast. This is where show notes come in.

Show notes help people decide whether or not to listen to your podcast.

Yes, it’s a simple as that. When confronted with such a choice and so little time, show notes can be the decider between someone listening or not listening to your show. Good show notes tell the listener what to expect, what topics will be covered, and where they can skip to if they don’t have time to listen in full.

You can also repurpose these show notes into blogs or chunk them into shareable social media posts.

All the top podcasts have show notes. Just take a look at these examples.

Need show notes for your podcast but don’t have the time? I’m a level 1 seller on Fiverr.com with consistent 5-star reviews. You can order show notes from me here https://www.fiverr.com/tariqziyad/write-500-word-podcast-show-notes

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