Best Podcast of 2018-Knowledge Fight

In the fight against the alt-right and fake news, the Knowledge Fight podcast is an essential resource. Each week, 2-3 times a week, Dan & Jordan debunk one of the alt-right’s biggest hucksters-Alex Jones

Debunking the hate filled propaganda of Alex Jones is a thankless task, one you might think to be a humourless task too. I came across Knowledge Fight via an episode of Behind The Bastards. The first KF episode I listened to was the frankly hilarious and somewhat tragic breakdown of a Patrick-Bet-David interview with Alex Jones. This episode provided one of the most rib splitting moments of 2018 as Alex drunkenly bites into an apple and comments on the tragic nature of life

Along with weekly breakdowns of Infowars shows from 2009 and 2018, Dan & Jordan also host a ‘wacky Wednesday‘ featuring episodes of the bonkers Project Camelot show and an assortment of other loonies and snake oil salespeople.

While there is plenty of banter, the lads also do a great a great job when it comes to well researched debunking of Alex’s poorly researched click bait conspiracies. I’m sure Dan would say it’s pretty rudimentary most of the time but I still feel it serves as a good resource for healthy debate with all the Alex types here in the UK. Jordan’s incessant screeching throughout pretty much each episode is reason enough to listen in and of itself. I can’t blame him, after all, Alex never ceases to amaze with his bare faced (and chested) lies and constant political u-turns.

Just recently, the boys went through a pain staking deconstruction of the awful Obama Deception documentary. It’s insightful in a self flagellating kind of way to learn in detail just what a joke of a documentary this really is. If you find yourself caught up in debates with conspiracy nuts, firstly, it might not be worth the bother but at the very least, arm yourself with knowledge served up by the Knowledge Fight team!!!

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