Podcast of The Week-Knowledge Fight-Lionel

Fans of the Knowledge Fight podcast got a real treat this week in the form of a ‘wacky Wednesday’ special on Alex Jones 4th hour Infowars presenter, Lionel (Lionel, Lionel, Lionel). Like Lionel Hutz, this Lionel has a background in law and certainly tries to be funny. But it’s his lameness that provides all the real laughs as you will find out

Listen To Knowledge Fight-Lionel

KF Presenters, Dan & Jordan introduce us to Lionel through a series of clips from his PIX11 News shows. He has the most banter show intro ever and you will find yourself walking around singing it out loud!

Being an Infowars presenter, you can expect a whole load of alt right garbage from this guy. It’s the descent into that alt right garbage that speaks to what kind of a guy he is. Like Springfield’s fictional Lawyer, real life Lionel follows the dollar signs. His early rants about backpacks (twice!) are nonsensical but harmless enough. He even correctly calls out ‘The Donald’ for his baseless ‘birther’ accusations (a false claim about Barack Obama’s US citizenship). Sadly, we later find Lionel lamenting a lack of Dick Cheny and brushing up to Trump.

Oh yes, and Lionel is rather fond of elongated, mendacious, and delusive ramblings of (not so) epic, sizeable proportions. In plain English, he rambles on, using lots of big words and flowery rhetoric in an attempt to sound witty and clever. Just listen to the podcast,it’s a rib buster!

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