The Social Seller’s Digest #002

It’s a new year and time for me to get regular with my series of social seller’s digests. Here’s my picks for today from Copyblogger, Maximize Social Business, and Hubspot. Today’s picks tackle the subjects of productivity, content creation, and resizing images.

7 Easy Creativity Routines that Make Your Day More Rewarding – Copyblogger (Stefanie Flaxman)

7 useful and surprisingly simple tips to overcome writer’s block including the very easy act of moving around, good if like me, you’re a sedentary type

6 Ideas to Plan Your Content Marketing in 2019 Ann Smarty, Maximize Social Business

Spend 8-10 minutes reading this and you’ve spent your time wisely. The article covers how to create fresh written content by asking questions. It also lists a number of helpful tools to streamline the process.The advice on repackaging/re-purposing content is invaluable

The Quick and Easy Guide to Resizing Images Online Clifford Chi Hubspot

Short and sweet! Quick tips on resizing images using a variety of online tools.

Hope you enjoyed today’s round up. If you got value..sharing is caring!

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