Blog Roll Call 001-Education Blog Posts You Need To Read Today

Blog posts are great for learning new information. Many blogs are run by professionals who share their valuable wisdom and knowledge on all kinds of subjects. This ‘Blog Roll Call’ feature contributions from education sites, Minds In Bloom, Autism Classroom Resources, and a podcast interview with Professor Don Tillman on The ABC Network about reducing autism stigma.

5 Easy Ways to Help Students Read More Deeply – Minds in Bloom

As a parent, I’m always on the lookout for ways to help my kids read better. This blog explains the ‘close reading’ method. Kids (and adults) ‘close read’ by taking a paragraph of a text and analysing the text with different questions. By ‘chunking’ text and applying the 5 Ws (Who, What, Where, When, Why), kids better understand both fiction and non-fiction texts.

Learn how to help your students manage anxiety effectively!
Autism Classroom Resources

Although this blog is based on classroom resources, it’s useful for Mum Dads too. Kids often feel overwhelmed by homework, this blog goes through strategies to reduce the stress and anxiety of difficult learning tasks.

The Autism Project

Professor Don Tillman talks about his own experiences growing up as a ‘socially awkward’ child in school. The Professor penned a series of stories with autistic characters. He talks about common misconceptions surrounding autism such as the supposed ‘lack of empathy’ linked with ASD. I recommend this as a highly educational source that dispels the negative myths about this misunderstood condition.

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