Try Multicultural Cuisine In Soho Rd, Handsworth’s Diverse Eateries

If you’ve never been to Soho Rd, Handsworth, you’re missing out on a rich, diverse melting pot of South Asian, Middle Eastern and hybrid cafes, takeaways and restaurants. If you fancy a taste experience outside of the comfort zone, you will be in for a pleasant surprise.

Handsworth represents the diverseness of Birmingham’s cultural heritage. You will find South Asian, Kurdish, Polish, Romanian and Afro Caribbean communities, each adding their own unique contribution in terms of music, clothing and most importantly, food!

Places To Eat On Soho Rd

Sarchnar Shawrma

270 Soho Rd, Birmingham B21 9LX

Feeling Hungry? This Kurdish eat in offers value for money with a variety of traditional chicken or lamb dishes, served with rice, fresh nans or a tasty soup. You get a complimentary bowl of delicious soup just for turning up.

Asian Feast Restaurant

This eaterie offers everything from traditional ‘karahi’ curries to burgers and chips and tasty shakes for the kids. There’s a bit of a wait but it’s worth it for the freshly prepared, scrumptious dishes, just take a look below

Pure Vegi

Vegetarian or Vegan? You will want to sample Pure Vegi’s Soya Fish Pakoras, mouthwatering muffins, chili fries and a vegan mixed grill!! The range of meat free dishes at this sit in is astonishing and the reviews on their Facebook page are a testament to the high quality food.

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