The Essential Digital Marketing Digest 09 04 19

​So here’s my latest round-up of essential reads to help your business grow online. Today’s articles cover topics like influencer marketing, Instagram captions and the best tools to promote your business online.

How Influencer Marketing Can Bring True Value to Your Business

This Maximize Social Business article is from 2017 but still absolutely relevant. It was recently shared on the Maximize Social Business Facebook page where it attracted a tonne of likes and shares.

To summarize the content in this article, ‘influencer marketing’ is reaching out to influential people on social media who match your services and products. A good ‘influencer’ will introduce your brand to their audience and increase your sales. The article by a top digital marketer, Neal Schaffer takes you through the steps to finding ideal influencers to promote your business.

How to Write Instagram Captions That Improve Engagement

Social media expert, Jon Loomer explains why captions in your Instagram posts generate more interest. The article advises including call to actions in your Instagram text so people know how and where to buy your service or product.

You should ideally keep your message as short as possible. Speak in your own voice and speak to the people you want to reach to.

Jeff Bullas’ Recommended List of Digital Marketing Tools & Resources

Running an online business requires the help of some tools. This exhaustive list includes tools for web hosting, SEO, business promotion and more. For those on a budget or just getting started, there are even some free tools, all used and recommended by a digital marketing expert.

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