How to start your own podcast for free.

Podcasting is a great way to share your creative passion or market your business, service or product.

If You’re just looking to test the waters without making a big investment, you should look at the free options available for starting a podcast.


YouTube generates billions of views daily and is free to use. You can upload videos and live stream from your desktop, mobile device or tablet, all for free.

Building a following on YouTube will take time and effort, don’t expect millions of Views from day one.

Success comes from regular uploads of unique and engaging content. For businesses, content that solves problems and answers questions works best. Creatives can showcase their work ( in depth analysis of media etc) and fund special projects through Patreon.

Have a look at the most subscribed podcasts on You Tube to get ideas for channel design and what content gets the most views.

Spend some time studying viral content on You Tube to see if your content fits, what size audience you can expect and what type of audience.


Mixcloud is a popular free platform for podcasts and radio shows. The upsides are the fact it is free to use with unlimited uploads. The downsides are the omission of a download option and the vast competition. Mixcloud works best as an extra channel, combined with You Tube or another platform.

The pro version of Mixcloud offers scheduling, stats but no option to sponsor content so you will need to market your podcast on social media to get more plays.


Soundcloud is a music platform but can be used for podcasting. A free account gives you three hours of upload time and 100 downloads for each upload.

This is a useful option for podcasting on a budget. You can delete older podcasts to free up space while maintaining a complete back log of your podcasts on You Tube and Mixcloud. Again, you will need to do the heavy lifting to create awareness of your podcast.

Anchor iOS & Android App

Anchor is a free podcast hosting service for desktop and smartphones. It offers unlimited uploads, free distribution to Apple and Google podcasts and a host of other features for free. From the information on the website, there is no trial period, no payment packages, nothing, it’s completely free.

Anchor even offers advice and support on starting a podcast, try this free online course for starters.

According to online reviews, the Anchor app is best suited to beginners and does lack when it comes to audio mixing and editing. For newbie podcasters, it simplifies the process of launching a podcast which is a good thing. Anchor sounds like a good stepping stone towards more professional podcasting and has a highly commendable range of free features.

Hope you enjoyed this guide to starting your new podcast. Let me know what you think of these tools and give the guide a share.

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