What A Twin Peaks-Stranger Things Crossover Could Look Like

As a fan of both shows, I imagined what it would be like if the worlds of Twin Peaks and Stranger Things collided, here's my thoughts. I consider myself to be a pretty big Twin Peaks fan and I realise some might balk at the idea of a TP/ST crossover. Please keep in mind that Twin Peaks can be very funny in places and Stranger Things has moments of genuine darkness, it's not inconceivable!

Reflections On Twin Peaks: The Return- One Year On

For Twin Peaks fans, new and old, 2017 was an unforgettable year. Some waited over a quarter of a century to see the cult TV show return to their screens. I didn't wait quite that long as I watched the original series for the first time in 2015. From May to September, the conversation on social media was lively as we watched the surreal vision of David Lynch play out on a weekly basis. A year on, I wanted to share some reflections and a few personal tips for how to enjoy the experience that is Twin Peaks, a TV show both wonderful and strange...

Steamed Hams Meets Twin Peaks-Two You Tube Edits You Can’t Unwatch!

The strange world of the internet throws up all kinds of weirdness at any given time and one of those wonderful and strange things currently doing the rounds is You Tube edits of the classic Simpsons 'steamed ham' sketch. Type 'steamed hams' into You Tube and you will find mash ups of Blade Runner, Star Wars, all the usual suspects. Someone who can only be a Twin Peaks fan has done us all a service by mashing up the iconic Lynch & Frost TV series in not one but two videos!